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One Food That Will Make You Eat Your Kitchen Sink

One Food That Will Make You Eat Your Kitchen Sink

So what is the one food that will make you eat the kitchen sink?

You’ll find it real soon however you need to understand its relationship with… fat!

National diet advice the world over has got everything wrong: getting only 30% of your diet from fat has zero solid human studies to back it up… 1

In fact it should never have been written into the diet guides back in the 70s…

Now to be honest there are some fats like trans fat 2 and man-made fats 3 that truly are horrible to eat…

Even ants won’t go near them…

And I recommend every diabetic and non-diabetic to stay as far away from those kinds of fats as possible…

When diet guidelines said to eat less fat, people gobbling up carbs increased from 44 – 48% between 1971 to 2006 and more people got fatter than ever before… 4

It’s something behind the Insulin Freedom Principle that I talk about in How to Treat Type 2 Diabetes Fast and the Diabetes Mastery Blueprint Live Training Course

So What Will Make You Eat Your Kitchen Sink (And More?)

Well if you haven’t guessed what will make you eat your kitchen sink yet then the answer is CARBS!

Especially man-processed, altered carbs that have been stripped of fibre, vitamins and minerals!

Well even if you eat an unprocessed white potato you’re not healing your diabetes at all… because it’s a very high “fast” carb food…

And the worst part?

It makes you extremely hungry…

A recent study 5 in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that eating carbohydrate foods with a high glycemic index (bread, rice, pasta)… that were easily digested and absorbed into your blood stream… caused people to feel increased hunger, which could in turn lead to eating more… and more…

I know that feeling well… as I used to eat 6 – 12 bagels per day and several bowls of rice without skipping a beat…

Also another study in 2013 found high-carb meals could leave you feeling hungrier hours later compared to a low-carb meal with more fibre, protein and fat.

The researchers pointed toward the downward crashing levels of blood sugar that regularly happens after high-carb meals. 6

So clearly…

You Should Eat Far Less Processed and “Fast” Absorbing Carbs…

Like bread, rice, pasta, potatoes and a lot of the starchy foods like yams or cassava…

Even grains like sorghum or millet may need to be avoided to prevent hunger and spiking insulin and blood sugar!


Also see: The Real Truth About “Low Fat” Diets, Part 1

Rise from the ashes,

Sunny Lam

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